Sunday, June 11, 2006

coaching…i’m done!

i'm done with the season! we had our last tourney this weekend, and it's over! woooooooo!
we ended up 56th out of 137. not quite 8th, like last year, but we're in the top half, and with this team, it makes me quite pleased.
plus, they played out of their minds this morning. i was almost tearing up i was so proud. it's fun to see girls grow into their sport. go team!
the season ends at just the right time - and maybe it's because it's the end of the season and we all know it - but there was drama brewing and about to explode. coulda gotten quite interesting.

i'm looking forward to the break...i'm thinkin' i'll actually play some volleyball, hang with some friends, get through this silly summer class...whatever i want.

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