Thursday, June 8, 2006


A couple months ago I signed up for a summer class called Ecommerce. It’s six weeks long for two nights a week. Seemed to be a lot, but I get a class done in six weeks " am that much closer to being done with this school crap. Totally worth it.

Well, as ya’ll know, Accounting did me in. A month ago, I was convinced I was barely passing and needed a serious break from school. A long summer break would be the solution, so I dropped Ecommerce. I figured I’d just do my best at Accounting and move on from there.

Monday, June 5 came. It was to be the first day of Ecommerce. I thought about it while getting ready for work and decided I still deserved a long summer break.

I mentioned the potential of class to Lercher, who told me I should just go. Suddenly, my mind was going a million miles a minute! What the heck? Could I give up my long, relaxing summer " take a class? Oh, my. Of course, I sought outside counsel. My friends all said to go for it, as long as I didn’t have a real excuse…my parents said to take a break and get my social life in order (as I’d just broken up with Steve and needed friends). I made a pro/con list, weighed each item and ended up signing up for class.

I’ve now sat through two classes. I really enjoy the topic and the professor…and my classmates are cool…but it’s a TON of work! In the remaining five weeks I have to write a 10-12 page research paper, do four case studies and group work. Oh…and a final that will include creating a business plan. Dang! I thought they took it easy in summer school class.

I blame Lercher, really. If he woulda just let it go when I brought it up Monday morning, I wouldn't be in school right now. I should be at the beach or hanging out with friends…instead, I’m in school or doing homework.

Freedom starts on July 13!!!

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