Tuesday, June 27, 2006

smashed up mini

somehow i managed to smash up my ipod. the screen is almost completely gone and it won't play music. i can see enough to click on a playlist, but no sound comes out. sad, just sad. oh, and something's rattling inside it.

i had been storing it in what i thought was a padded pocket on the side of my laptop bag. apparently, that padding wasn't near enough.

at first, i didn't think it was a big deal. it's been a great ipod " has served me for a couple years now. unfortunately, now that it's gone i realize how much it meant to me. i think i must shop for a new one...but i'm poor! dang money.

while i'm shopping, i may as well buy a bigger one, right? i mean, why stay with the same size...and the nano's are too little for me - i'll definitely break that. luckily, San Jose State has got some kickin' discounts...now i just need a second job. :-)

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