Monday, June 19, 2006

school ain’t so bad

i enjoyed class tonight. i really did. i enjoyed the discussion with my group of four, i enjoyed the class discussion " had to participate because the professor called on me, and i enjoyed the lecture. i guess it doesn't hurt that when the professor called on me i had a brilliant idea to share. i should probably share my brilliant ideas more often - i just assume that everyone else is thinking the same thing, so i don't speak up. huh.

this class is different for many reasons:
i'm looking for a distraction from my recent break-up, and school is definitely working.
i basically have school " work right now - no other major commitments. i have time for this.
i'm trying to make friends instead of hiding in the corner just doing school 'cause i have to.
my professor is really smart " interesting to listen to.
summer school is just more laid back.
i'm learning a lot about business. it feels worthwhile.

i may take these words back, but there's hope that this MBA won't be complete hell.

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