Wednesday, June 28, 2006

teacher’s pet

first of all, i'll confess that i was sometimes the teacher's pet in high school. lisa was always the one to be yelled at while we chit-chatted in accounting, the german teacher was my volleyball coach, the physics teacher also coached volleyball, and so on. i never made effort to become a teacher's just happened.

i made it through college nearly unnoticed because i made effort to blend in and just get through it. i can't name a single professor who may still remember me.

and then came my mba. again, i've made effort to just blend in and go unnoticed, but it hasn't worked. my management professor clicked with me 'cause i was HR. however, i didn't speak up much, so i never became the teacher's pet. this summer class has done me in, however...first of all, it's a small class, so there's no where to hide. secondly, i'm the only HR person around " my professor's wife is in HR, so we seem to have a connection. he often refers to me as "his HR person," or points me out to ask me questions. i'm making effort to speak up more 'cause i think class will be more enjoyable, but he certainly isn't going to let me "blend in." lastly, when i was discussing the final with a couple classmates, they requested i go talk to the professor about a study guide because i had good repoire with him. i didn't realize i had "good repoire" at the time, but it's become more obvious as the class has continued. i am the teacher's pet. but once again, i didn't try.

as you know, i'm totally enjoying this class and having the teacher on my side sure doesn't hurt. go school!

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