Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i got yelled at via this email

All, due to security initiatives that are in place, a weekly report is being generated of failed login attempts to the Oracle 11i application among others. Each of you getting this email because you made multiple (5) failed attempts to log in to Oracle 11i in a short period of time. This kind of behavior looks similar to behavior when an attack may be occurring.

Along with looking like attack behavior, 5 failed login attempts will also lock your account. Please take care to know your password or have it saved in a secure location. Do not make 5 failed attempts to log in. If you do not get in by the 3rd try, I suggest that you go to: https:\\i'mnotgivingthisaway.html and change your password. If all else fails, please contact your local helpdesk for assistance.

This report will be occurring weekly going forward, so please make an effort not to be on it again.
(emphasis was my own...I giggled)

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