Monday, September 18, 2006

62 Odd Questions

stolen from someone's blog:

[1] What is your middle name? Marie
[2] What color is your mailbox: black
[3] Last time you kissed someone:oops...last saturday
[4] Have you ever hit a deer? close, but not quite
[5] Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? nah
[6] Who checks the mail in your house? whoever gets home first
[7] How many TVs are in your house? three
[8] Do you know anyone with the same ring tone as you? nope, but some teenybopper out there does
[9] What do you do first in the morning? run or shower
[10] What brand is your printer? none
[11] Do you enjoy fighting with people? despise it
[12] Is your hair naturally straight or curly? straight with some wave
[13] Who was your kindergarten teacher? Mrs Hautala
[14] Are you taller than your mother? yup
[15] Do you have a favorite word? awesome
[16] Are you good? do my best
[17] What do you do to get over a broken heart? cry " talk " keep livin' life
[18] Do you have a deep dark secret? prolly
[19] Drink of choice: water
[20] Do you use colored pens? PURPLE
[21] Does anything on your body hurt? not right now
[22] Do you often cry during movies? nah
[23] Do you hate your life? not at all!
[24] Number of pets: one
[25] Are there any animals that scare you? bugs
[26] Do you get mad easily? only when tired
[27] Can't wait for? to be done with this MBA
[28] What is your biggest pet peeve? leaving spit on the top of the soda can when sharing
[29] Favorite song: right now, Break Stuff
[31] Weather outside: 80 " sunny every day
[32] Most attractive quality about you: positive spirit
[33] You're in the mood for? a run
[34] Do any of your friends have kids? yup
[35] If you could have a threesome with any 2 celebrities, who? ummmm...Matthew M " Josh H
[36] Do you have any friends? sure
[37] Do you have any mean friends? not really...not really, truly mean-spirited
[38] What is the ugliest color in your opinion? puke green
[39] Have you ever liked someone who all your friends couldn't stand? yup
[40] Have you ever felt like driving off a cliff? nope
[41] Have you ever been fired from a job? nope, but i wasn't asked back to work at the book store
[42] What year was your house built? 1939 (but i rent)
[43] When was the last time you slept in someone else’s bed? last night
[44] What brand are the pant/jeans you're wearing? briefly stated
[45] How tall are you? 5'8"
[46] What is the closest green object? dove soap
[47] What is on your feet? those pedicure things dividing my toes
[48] Do you always wear underwear? yup
[49] Do you want to have kids? prolly
[50] Who is the last person who you would expect to be gay? my dad
[51] Do you know how to draw? nope
[52] What’s your mother's middle name? Kay
[53] Stupidest movie you ever saw: Ever? Kill Bill
[54] Do you collect comic books? nah
[55] Do you look like your dad? yup
[56] Do you have any TV shows on DVD? huh, i don't
[57] Are you wearing make up? eye shadow, liner " mascara...or what's left of it
[58] Do you have a tattoo? two/three
[59] You win the lottery and you: pay off my debt
[60] How many pairs of underwear do you have? millions. i hate laundry.
[61] Are you hungry at the moment? nope
[62] Favorite movie of all time: Top Gun

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