Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Class Reunion

I just received an email that gave me an overview of my HS class reunion last weekend. for some reason, it threw me for a loop...but it's exactly what i should have expected. i've had a theory about the popular kids in HS, and this email confirmed it.

here goes: within a couple years after graduation, almost everyone goes away to college. it's a fresh start. the popular kids are suddenly treated a little differently (fairly) and hate it. the less popular kids are suddenly treated differently (fairly) and love it. the popular kids eventually end up back home, where it's comfortable.
[note: i don't think this is just a small town syndrome, but it may be]
[note2: this may be a motivated/unmotivated thing vs popular/unpopular...that's debatable]

it also seems easy to fall back into history...sounds like the cliques all reformed " made it through the weekend together.

i'm thankful i didn't make the effort to be there. i'll see just about everybody at the bar over Christmas break.

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