Sunday, September 17, 2006

i *heart* phoenix

i understand i came after the heat broke, so i've been spoiled...but it's awesome here! 90-95 " sunny every day. everyone has a pool and there's no better way to finish a run than with a jump into a pool. and it feels a bit midwestern...more real, less status-driven than the bay area. i like the middle of the country.

it's been fabulous to see cara. good times with a good friend. and i got to see heather " steve, who i met at s&b's wedding a month ago.

i ran 7 miles this morning. that's the max i've ever run in my life, so i'm pretty proud. it felt pretty great and my legs are only a little sore. i still can't imagine running 13, but i've got at least 6 weeks left...

here's to a great weekend in a fun new city!

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