Monday, September 18, 2006

cool proposal

cara " i hit the Diamondbacks game yesterday afternoon...and we got there a bit early. fortunately, we were just in time to see some blonde chick throw the first pitch of the game. suddenly, the catcher stood up " took his helmet off...and was her boyfriend who was serving in Iraq! she ran up " hugged him...then he pointed to the megatron. of course, it said, "will you marry me, ashley?" he got down on one knee " proposed. she was all excited " accepted, of course (loads of pressure). everyone cheered " went crazy. then his buds in Iraq were on the megatron congratulating them, their families were up in the stands holding up a "congrats, tony " ashley" sign, and several congratulations from different people went across the megatron. it was quite impressive.

i've decided it's ok to propose as long as you're involved in the game some how...on the field...on the ice...something. not just in the stands with a big sign on the megatron. that's lame.

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