Monday, October 30, 2006

2006 goal accomplished

i did it! i ran a half-marathon. it took me 2 hours " 16 minutes, or so, which is ok. i only missed my goal by a minute.

'twas quite a bit harder than i expected. i rocked the first half...and then my legs got very, very tired. with a few walking breaks, i managed to finish all 13.1 miles. today my hams " calf muscles are a bit sore...but i'm doing ok. no need to cut my legs off at my knees 'cause of shin splints.

around mile 11 a very cool couple came up behind me " started to cheer me on...the husband was obviously in great shape doing this for fun...and it seemed the wife was feelin' much like me. john " julia made sure i kept up with them, or was within eyesight for the end of the race...which was a HUGE help. plus, sonja found me at mile 11 " 13 to take pics " movies...i'll post them as soon as i find my camera.

thanks to all, for the good wishes! as of this moment, i will not ever be doing a full marathon...the half is plenty. God didn't make this body to go 26.2 miles, i don't think.

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