Thursday, October 26, 2006

Talent Retention

i spent today at a Talent Retention workshop. i love these workshops because it's fun for me to learn about HR type stuff...manager do's " don't's, bonus programs to use, importance of pay, where employees find job satisfaciton, etc...and, of course, i apply it to my own life.

i figured out today that i've got it freaking awesome. of the top five things employees are looking for, i have all five in my current work situation. i'm going off of memory, 'cause my notes are in the car, but they are challenge, learning opportunities, good boss, fair pay and growth potential (last one's a guess)

the thing i hate about these workshops is that it's difficult to pull something out of them that's applicable to my job. a lot of it is high level stuff i have no control over. but, who knows, maybe i'll influence our CEO with some of my newfound wisdom...

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