Wednesday, October 4, 2006

my Faith, defined a little

i was asked this on myspace:
Lets see.... question for you.... I am not meaning to be offensive in anyway by asking this... On your profile it says Christian - other, what does that mean to you? BTW, to let you know, I will not judge you. I will not preach to you. If you have questions, I will be more than happy to talk with you about them.

my answer was this:
i have to admit, i've wanted to ask about the 'Christian-other' since email #1, but i held back. isn't it interesting that we generally do that? afraid to offend someone. silly, i say. anyway, i love God with all my heart " live to make Him smile. i see Him in all the little (and big) things around me. i say "other" because i go to a nondenominational church " don't appreciate the silly little things denominations argue over. also, i don't appreciate the term "religious" 'cause it feels all negative. i hope to be a witness with my lifestyle, which often falters, yet finds hope, and don't "preach" a whole lot. now hopefully i haven't offended you.

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