Friday, October 6, 2006

RIP, Twins 2006

'twas a sad, sad day. i woke up to Christmas and am going to sleep as if i have a new year's day hangover (without the alcohol).

i didn't get spit on, but i did get booed several times over. and those around me cheered for the A's extra loudly; with good reason, of course. though i did sit by some nice older men who entertained my Twins fandom and chatted with me about their season. turns out one of them was a Giants fan, so he was there for baseball more than anything.

i don't really understand why i get so wrapped up in a baseball team full of guys i don't know, but i do. sports bring us together, i guess. and the Twins remind me of home. i just love 'em. unfortunately, that love puts a whole lot of extra emotion in my life...i know my blood pressure has increased this past month and they wrecked my Friday night. i'm supposed to be working on my Finance midterm, but i just can't bring myself to do it. i shall clean " play online instead...

i appreciate the sympathy text messages and phone calls today...i do...but i am remaining in mourning until tomorrow sometime. hopefully i'll snap out of it before my burglar party. the nice gentleman next to me gave me his stupid Athletics towel (homer hanky wannabe) so i could burn it in my firepit tomorrow night.

Twins 2006, i will miss you. You made me proud.

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