Sunday, October 22, 2006

refreshing weekends

i miss refreshing weekends. my life has gotten so insanely crazy busy, and my weekends are so insanely packed that i'm never refreshed on monday morning. it's like i try to catch up on sleep all week and then another weekend hits. i want to blame singleness, as i remember refreshing weekends when i was coupled off...but i think it's much more. it's school, work, running, golf, and lots of play.

ya know, i shouldn't complain...i had a TON of fun this weekend. went out friday night; saturday was sleeping, cleaning, resting, housewarming party " the AWESOME Wild game; today was coaching, golf, movie " studying.

i did learn that i have more fun when i drink a little than when i drink way too much...i remember more, get in less trouble " enjoy my company that much more. i need to remember this in the future.

(i also think that i've been going so strong for so long that i need a break...but i don't have time to take one, yet, so i'll wait for thanksgiving weekend)

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