Monday, August 27, 2007

another great weekend…

...during the greatest summer ever!

friday night - softball doubleheader, followed up by karaoke for esperanza's last day
saturday - garage sale (made only $40, but the crap is gone), followed up by the Beastie Boys!!!
sunday - coaching, followed up by our Craigslist Party at the new apt. people were to bring us items from

the Beastie Boys put on a wicked great show! i don't know their music all that well, but i definitely knew a few songs and dug them all. plus, we got there early enough to stand near the front of the stage, right in the middle. nothin' like a concert where you can see facial expressions. i highly recommend a Beasties show if you get the opportunity.

the Craigslist Party was also a hit - we got a great pic of Elvis for our living room, a cool chinese foot massager thing, a bowl of gummy bears and lots of wine. the bbq was out of this world, as well! thanks, serg " yak!

monday's almost over...that's craziness. hopefully i'll catch up on sleep before the next super fun weekend.

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