Tuesday, August 28, 2007

drei Jahre mit Kalifornien

felt like speaking german right there.  it means 3 YEARS WITH CALIFORNIA!

amazing, really.  i still get asked about how long i've been in california, so i definitely keep track...but, it feels like forever and i almost forget anniversaries.  (thanks for reminding me this morning, bdizzle!)  i catch myself talking about minnesota a lot...i think it's a midwestern thing - the roots are deep...and anyone who meets me somehow finds out i grew up there...but california is home. 

i've grown a ton in the past three years...as anyone should do from 26 - 29...but i think my growth was accelerated a bit.  knowing only one person and my coworkers was rough...however, after just three years i was able to invite 90 people to a party at the new apartment (with dizzle's help).  90.  that's insane, in my book.  and people are really what i'm all about, so the more i know, the better.

i've become a stronger person.  i certainly have my insecurities, but overall, i know who i am and am pretty dang comfortable with it.  i can do a lot of things and try a lot of things i may not have a few years ago.  (maturity?  weird)  though i may have ~90 people to invite to a party, i've gotten MUCH better about knowing which friendships are worth investing time in.  and i can let go of some.  that sounds harsh, but i think it's one of the biggest lessons i've learned in the past year.

anyway, i'm kinda rambling.  it's been a good three years.  i love this life.  i love my MN friends & family.  frequent flier miles, cell phones and email are still my favorite things.  and living near the ocean is freaking amazing.

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August 29, 2004

i made it!

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Wow! I’m in Cali. This is overwhelmingly weird. I’m majorly bummin’, but really excited to see what comes at me. So far, I have found people as friendly as in Minnesota. I’ve tested several strangers by talking to them, and they responded nicely. A relief.

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