Wednesday, August 1, 2007

customer service

the Oracle Arena has amazing customer service...jenna & i went to see Martina McBride tonite.  on our way up to Oakland, we decided we wanted some ice cream at the concert.  after perusing the two food booths that were near, we asked if there was ice cream anywhere.  the chick pointed us down a hallway and said there *might* be some available in section 106.  on our way through the empty hallway, we ran into two employees.  i quickly asked if they knew of ice cream and one of them jumped on his walkie-talkie (radio) to ask around...there was 3-5 minutes of discussion over the walkie-talkie with the final conclusion that no ice cream was being sold.  however, some super great guy volunteered to go down to the freezer to get some and bring it up to the concessions booth for us.  we scored ice cream...for cheap.

another highlight of this quest for ice cream was the younger dude in dreads who walked by to make fun of the two guys trying to find us a treat via the walkie-talkie.  he was funny.

dang, can Martina sing.  she puts on an AMAZING show.  i appreciate the humility she displayed throughout her show...she loves to sing and is awesome at it.

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