Thursday, August 16, 2007

uhhhhh…new talent showcase

we tried out Rooster T Feather's (comedy club) new talent showcase last night.  we'd met a dude at The Peacock Lounge, "The Cock," a couple times and he told us about his we went to support him.  there were 10 comics...and about 2 of them were funny.  rough night.  dude was only so-so.

no less, i completely respect every single one of the comics.  stand-up has gotta be tough.  especially when the audience doesn't really laugh.  yuck.  i can't imagine my pity laughs made them feel any better, either...

i think that was a once in a lifetime experience.
fortunately, this hasn't impacted the hilariosity of me & my friends today.  i've cracked myself up several times over and my friends keep hittin' me with goo' ones, too.  laughter is so fantastic!  or fabulous...your call on the terminology used...

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