Tuesday, August 28, 2007

now this is funny…

y4kk3r: they need to make bigger pickles

me: ooooooh, i'd be so happy

y4kk3r: they just dont make pickles like they used to...you know how they have pumpkins that are huge?  they need to make pickles the same way

me: i love this idea. maybe we should try to grow some. on our patio

y4kk3r: totally!!!

me: done and done. i'll get the seeds

y4kk3r: can you imagine??  eating pickles the size of a football or something??  that would be awesome!

me: wow, i just went to the happiest place on earth in my head.  speechless, breathless, starin' at my monitor with my mouth hangin' open

y4kk3r: dude... i can't believe no one has made this yet....

me: we're gonna be rich!

y4kk3r: we will sell them with our deboned wing steaks

me: the perfect compliment!!!

y4kk3r: !!

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