Thursday, August 23, 2007

random entry

- the start of class is a bummer...but it means my favorite tv shows will come back on soon
- looks like we're going to have a kickball team this fall...that's exciting
- i can get anti-infection medicine over the phone from my health care provider
- working from home rules...i've gotten more done today than if i were at the office
- i get to buy a new notebook for class tonite...which means another fun Target run
- i have a lot to do before the craigslist party on sunday and am not sure when it's going to get done
- haven't gone grocery shopping since we moved in to the new place
- wing eatin' smack-talk picked up again yesterday...i feel i've set myself up for victory
- golf is going to happen this coming weekend...and the ocean
- i'm also having a garage sale saturday morning...drop stuff off or come buy something
- the sky is really blue today

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