Monday, April 5, 2010

paid vacation: day 1

pretty perfect start to this month of not working...i'm definitely trying to figure out how to occupy myself and prevent's a challenge and will be interesting. i'm not good at sitting around with nothin' to do and very few peeps to hang with.

i want to document this time off somehow...probably with this blog...'cause i'm not doing anything really big, but i don't wanna look back at it and feel like i wasted a free month off. i want to experience and do things - like spending a day in SF. maybe i'll take some pictures.

i spent the day in SF - walked boyfriend's dog, went for a run through golden gate park (it POURED rain on us), did some window shopping, got the dog washed, did some shopping shopping, ate some ice cream, did more shopping.

i'm going to have to stop spending money...i am getting paid for this month, but haven't ever had much spending money as it is.

now the Twins are on ESPN2 and that sure makes me happy. i was thinking about leaving this couch...but that's no longer possible.

a month off. a month with very few plans and no set schedule. do you have suggestions for hobbies or things i should do?

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