Tuesday, April 27, 2010

paid vacation: day 22 - 25

fortune cookie: You will be rewarded for your hard work this past month.


anyway, 'twas a great weekend in SF! friday i walked around Noe Valley and the Mission with boyfriend's sister all afternoon...then we all met up for dinner/drinks friday night. the afternoon brought perfect weather - we sat in the sun and enjoyed a couple tasty beverages.

saturday we hit up a Ro-Sham-Bo tournament in the afternoon. it was a fundraiser for the boys/girls' club of _____. brilliant, i say! i lost in the first round...twice (they let us buy back in), but it was fun to participate and watch. saturday night boyfriend & i volunteered at the SF Beer Fest. a dude in his condo complex had emailed out, asking for help because his son's preschool throws this beer fest - and i am so glad we decided to go for it. we ended up pouring a couple delicious beers, and became very popular as the rest of the booths shut down and we kept pourin'. what are they gonna do? fire us? needless to say, it was a complete blast.

i forgot to mention that we'd decided to venture out on our bikes on saturday - we cruised a big chunk of SF, going against traffic on accident, cutting cars off, almost getting hit...but biking as safely as possible. SF is hilly, man...my legs got a workout.

sunday was the most perfect day of my paid vacation in SF - absolutely gorgeous. we found a bar with a patio and hung out before thinking about monday (no big deal for me, but...). oh! the bar was named "Nap's," which happens to be my dad's nickname. random fun fact for ya.

yesterday i hung out in SF again - ended up at Fort Funston with boyfriend's dog to watch some waves and run around a bit. we also brewed our second batch of beer...here's hopin'!

today was crappy and rainy, so i turned it into errand/organization day. i have a receipt file, paperwork complete and the internet installed at home.

the fun is still coming! tomorrow afternoon i'm hitting a matinee showing of Wicked in SF with another unemployed friend - the tickets were half price! and next tuesday & wednesday i'll be getting some beach time in down south - JetBlue had a $9 flight to Long Beach and back, so we're taking advantage of the midweek special. $40 flights round trip!!! now, does anyone have a suggestion on where to stay/what to do in Long Beach for a day?

i love not working.

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