Wednesday, April 21, 2010

paid vacation: day 13 - 19

time flies when you're having fun! (and i want it to slow down, 'cause work does not sound fun)

friday was a fun day of randomness, ending up in the City for some entertainment.

saturday morning i went straight to Reno to coach for the next three days. this tournament is always a good time with the girls, parents and coaches. we played the best we've played in a while and ended up in 23rd place out of 120 teams (right where we started).

monday night i got back home, and spent most of tuesday resting. the highlight of this post is that i hit the Anchor Brewery Tour on tuesday morning with a couple great peeps. there's a 6-week waiting list to get in on this tour, so i was excited to hear there had been cancellations when i called to get in. the tour was pretty cool, i learned a little about brewing beer and tasted some goodness. we grabbed lunch after and i headed to my couch for the afternoon.

i need to start brewing beer. i have all this time on my hands...but when i'm home, i just want to lay on my couch. somehow, i'll find motivation this evening...i have a competition to win!

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