Friday, April 30, 2010

paid vacation: day 26 - 28

Wicked was awesome!!! it was fun, hilarious and well done. and it was a matinee, so the crowd was small. there was one gal there alone who must be artsy - at intermission and right afterwards, she called a friend and LOUDLY proclaimed how great the show was, how her knees wouldn't stop shaking and she just COULDN'T believe the twists at the end. i was entertained.

wednesday night was spent gallivanting around The Mission...eventually to The House of Prime Rib for dinner. i guess that place has been around for a while and i was craving red was delicious and a fun experience.

yesterday i dilly-dallied around home and hung out with the dog. i spent the afternoon at a coffee shop in Los Gatos to get out and decided i look forward to working from coffee shops as a consultant. it's just more fun. last night was our last practice of the season, so i got the girls some red velvet bundt cakes they'd earned (from Nothing but Bundt, or something like that).

today is another sunny day in San Jose - i'm riding my bicycle all over, enjoying lunch, frozen yogurt and some errands. tonight is motorcycle school - i'm not so excited about spending my last friday night unemployed in school, but i'm sure it'll be worth it. woot!

my time is drawing to a close...but i've done pretty ok finding fun things to do...

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