Friday, April 9, 2010

paid vacation: day 2-4

time flies when you're having fun! (and not on your computer)

tuesday was an awesome day lounging and shopping in SF with a great friend. i'm not supposed to shop, but i did...couldn't resist. and we sat and people watched for a while...and ate some delicious snacks. i also convinced becki to road trip with me on tuesday...which led to an exciting day 3 & 4...

we headed south to LA around noon on wednesday - it was a beautiful day for a drive (or the beach, but let's pretend driving in good weather is fun). we checked into our hotel and arrived at the ballpark to watch the Twins beat up on the Angels at exactly 7:05. the stadium is fantastic, night was pleasant and i had a delicious stadium dog.

thursday we woke up to get to Unique Nail. read the reviews, it's legit. if you're ever in the LA area, i highly recommend you go get your nails done. i posted some pics on facebook, but my nails are crazy awesome. we then drove over to Venice Beach, grabbed some lunch and hit the road again. it was a long day of driving, but totally worth it...

today i'm picking up after myself...and heading to Tahoe! there may be a stop in SF for the zipline, though...i'll let you know when i'm back online, updating my blog.

goooood times! i like not working.

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