Tuesday, April 13, 2010

paid vacation: day 5-10

i am blessed. beyond belief.

friday we headed towards Tahoe...after swinging through the City to grab some delicious pizza dinner. got up saturday morning for some good skiing/boarding at Kirkwood, and on the way back to South Tahoe ran into a little adventure. the vehicle overheated..leaving us stranded with no cell phone reception. fortunately, a highway patrol came by after about 30 minutes and called a tow truck...the tow truck brought us to town and dropped us off at a maintenance shop...which had the part, but couldn't fix the truck until monday. as an unemployed person, i found this awesome. i was stuck in tahoe for an extra day...and snow was predicted. sunday we hung out in South Tahoe, shopping at outlets, eating and resting....it was fantastic. monday we gambled with Jim, the dealer...and he let us win quite a bit...and then we grabbed the Jeep and headed home...with a pit stop at Sierra for some awesome powder...like 18" of powder. the drive home was a little sketchy, with a quick spinout in heavy slushy snow. what's a trip without adventure, after all?

today i was back home - did some laundry, cleaned up, got a run in, had lunch...and then hit the San Jose Museum of Art. i'm tryin' to do things i normally wouldn't have the opportunity to do...and it's interesting. i'm not much of a museum person, but it was worth a shot.

i <3 not working.

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