Saturday, July 22, 2006

down with robbers

so our house was broken into again last nite...WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING! it's so not ok. apparently, they searched every window until they found one that i hadn't tightened the lock on enough. dangit! anyway, this time was a bit more was definitely the same people that broke in two months ago 'cause they knew where my alcohol was " took it all. they also opened my roommate's bedroom door to grab her laptop, so they must have been scoping the place out earlier in the night to know where it was. they went through roommate 2's bedroom 'cause she's on vacation, but didn't come near me (praise God!).

roommate1 woke me up when she realized what'd happened, and i called 911. the cops came right over, and actually caught some guy on the corner with one of sarah's purses. they couldn't find the rest of the stuff, however. i asked the cop to punch the guy in the face, and he said he'd do what he could.

ironically, the airline called me as i was about to head out the door to tell me my flight was cancelled and i was bumped to the 8:25 tonite. it's unfortunate, as i'm missing out on a nite in miami...but now i can make sure my house is secure " roommate1 is comfortable enough to stay alone. i'm sad for her.

why is my life always drama?!?!?!?!?

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