Monday, July 10, 2006

mom gets me

my mom sent me a "happy summer" package and i'm totally emotional because it exemplifies the fact that she's starting to get me. i'm really proud of her, and totally touched by her gift.

i got an Old Navy 4th of July t-shirt (the standard for every family member), some awesome glow in the dark socks, great family pictures and a fun card. it is the first time my mom's sent me a non-gushy card. don't get me wrong - i love the gushy cards, but i generally like to give fun, wacky cards that show off my sense of humor. one year i gave her a funny card " learned that i would never do it again - she now gets gushy cards at every opportunity i have. she always sends me gushy cards...except for today.

anyway, i'm proud of my mama. i feel like she's accepted the fact that i'm not your typical northern minnesota girl. i didn't get some flowery somethin' with 'minnesota' scribed across the front, or a supersappy card that makes me want to feel emotional. i got gifts that were perfect for me.

of course, northern minnesota will always be a part of me, and i love my family...but i want to experience everything else this world has to offer, too. this explains why i always end up at chinese tournaments. :-)

go mom. i love you!
(i didn't do justice for the hugeness of this gift and what it means to me, but i tried)

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