Monday, July 24, 2006

land of the beautiful

i finally got to miami yesterday morning around 8:30. i caught a cab to my hotel, took a shower " got started on my day. at the front desk's suggestion, i took the train " bus to South Beach...and it was quite easy. goal #1 was to stretch out on the beach " sleep a i did. then i jumped into the Atlantic ocean...then i slept a little...jumped get the point. all the while, i was lookin' for the beautiful people of south beach - unfortunately, i think i was in tourist zone. :-) i continued on to peruse some shops " caught the bus/train back to my hotel. i should mention that i hadn't let my suit dry, so my tank top was wet and my shorts made me look like i'd peed. i didn't exactly fit in with the beautiful people of miami.

i probably shoulda gone out last nite, but i crashed in my hotel room around 8:00. it was a rough weekend for sleep, and i needed to catch up.

now it's off to work! yay for being in miami!

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