Friday, July 21, 2006

reasons to suck up

remember Ecommerce, my summer class? remember that i enjoyed it? remember that i was a little stressed before the final, but ordered an Ipod as my reward anyway? well, it's all good...

on monday i checked my grade, and was given an A-. i'm content with that A-, but was a little curious, as my friend that got grades a little worse than me also got an A-. i blew it off " was happy for both of us.

let's go back to the final exam - i never blogged about the little note i wrote at the end of the exam to say thanks to the was a great class...i got a lot out of it...blah, blah, blah...and i'm not just saying this to get an A. (I wrote all that) i really wasn't trying to suck up, but wanted him to know that the class was worth my time.

well, this morning i got this email:

Thank you for the nice note on your exam. I have gone back and looked
at all the grades and considered participation in the class and I will
be raising your grade to an A. I hope that is good news and I wish you
a good summer and continued success in the program.

Best Regards, Professor

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