Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hometown fan

i went to the Giants game with jeff, season ticket holder, last nite and had an awesome time. i wore orange " was excited to be a hometown fan. i'm often cheering for whoever's come to town to play the hometown team, so it was exciting to cheer with the crowd (and the organ). every time the trumpet charge song came on, i got to bellar out my "CHARGE!!!" 'twas great.

unfortunately, the Giants lost to the Brewers 1-10, which made it a bit difficult to not switch to being a midwest fan. i even have the Brewers to thank for a couple 6-packs of beer this season, but i stayed true to the orange.

other stories that go with the nite:
- it was Spare the Air day, so caltrain was free
- i was a slob " wore ketchup, mustard and nacho cheese for much of the nite
- my magic orange shirt hid the ketchup " mustard somehow
- a couple sucked face right in front of us
- the inning i went to get nachos, the Brewers scored 5 runs (i left jeff drownin' in his sorrow alone)
- i commented on the dude who hit a home run's stance, which was quite wide, just before he hit a home run
- i professed my desire to one day be the organ player, old balldude, sand raker (apparently, i'm a behind the scenes kinda gal)
- i told jeff my worst date ever was with one of his best friends (oops)
- jeff got 4 phone calls " i got zero. he's married with a kid. it's not right.
- my suspicions that SF season ticket holders are dull were confirmed...no one cheered or clapped with me
- caltrain took forever to get home
- lastly, i have to kill all of jeff's friends before he'll take me to a game with him again. apparently they still get first dibs...even though i'm this much fun.

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