Tuesday, July 4, 2006

microfinance - my research paper

Every human deserves a chance to be successful in life, but many are never given the opportunity. For the past forty years, microfinance organizations have formed and grown, offering that chance to the world’s poorest. These organizations empower people to pull themselves out of poverty using their own skills and entrepreneurial intuition. Small loans, other financial services and support from microfinance institutions are given to start or build a self-supporting business. The loans are generally $25 - $300, and offer the chance to succeed.

The idea that the working poor can lift themselves out of poverty with dignity appeals to people of all political, social and economic backgrounds. Beyond offering success to those who didn’t know it was possible for them, microfinance organizations are becoming more and more profitable, enticing several other big businesses to get involved. As this industry develops, microfinancing organizations are beginning to offer savings accounts, insurance, money-transfer facilities and long-term housing loans. Along with these additional roles, the organizations are relying on technology to improve their business.

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