Monday, March 5, 2007

avoiding pain

i jammed my pinky finger thursday night while playing's a painful bummer.  i thought i may have broken it again, but the doctor confirmed that it's only jammed (yes, i'm a wimp who goes to the doctor).  she kinda made fun of me by asking if i wanted her to tape my ring finger to my pinky, or if i could handle that on my own.  i laughed & said i'd take care of it.

today is the first day my pinky is on its own...mainly because i need my ring finger to type for my pinky, so they can't be stuck together.  i'm pretty impressed with how well my ring finger has adapted to typing for two fingers, to be honest.

moreover, i am amazed at how smart my body is in avoiding pain - my pinky stops every time i try to hit a key with it, pick something up or use it in any way.  it can sense the coming pain and just doesn't let it happen...craziness. 

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