Monday, March 12, 2007

there’s no crying in volleyball!

i had THREE cryers at saturday's tournament.  oy vey!  12 year olds are rough.

first one was in tears because "she just couldn't do anything right...and she'd lost the last game for the team."  i pulled her out mid-game & lectured her like i didn't realize i could - it was something along the lines of "it takes a team to win, a team to lose...volleyball's a game of mistakes and you've gotta shake it're one of the strongest players on this 've gotta learn to shake off your mistakes and move on to the next play...blah, blah, blah."  within a minute, she was ready to go again...and played awesome the rest of the day.

cryer number 2 was post-game and i just let her get over it before the next game...she was upset 'cause she missed a serve.

cryer number 3 did me in...she was fighting with a friend who was being "stupid."  serious sobbing, and the girl couldn't play volleyball.  i pulled her out and told her to let me know if/when she was ready to play again.  after 5 minutes she told me she could serve, but it would hurt the team to let her play the rest of her position.  she sat on the bench the rest of the day.

wow.  3 cryers in one day.  and i wasn't feelin' so great myself...rough.

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