Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the salon

one day i'm gonna find a hair stylist who will cut and style my hair in a way that i can duplicate the next day.  i'm pretty sure this is a common complaint, as i've heard it why don't stylists realize they create these impossible-to-achieve-by-the-normal-person styles and send us home with them?  it's just not fair.  don't they realize we have 5 minutes in the morning to look like rock stars 'cause sleep is more important?!?

i am really excited to have finally found a hair stylist i love, though...maybe walking out with a style i can't duplicate is just the price i have to pay.  (i do think it's funny that i walk out with big hair after seeing my big-haired persian gal)

sidenote:  for some reason, i think it's funny when i say, "i'm going to the salon..."

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