Saturday, March 24, 2007

march’s adventure in cooking

bbq'ing tri-tip and asparagus, with hummus on the side.

tri-tip is a super tasty cut of beef i learned about when i moved to california, so i figured it was time to try to bbq it myself.  in the end, it was pretty tasty - except for a few burned edges.

first lesson learned -  it takes too much time.  i read online everywhere that it takes a while to make sure it's cooked correctly...probably because it's thick and juicy.  i let it take 40 minutes tonight, but it wasn't quite done, so  i cut it up in smaller pieces & put it back on the grill.  done in seconds.  :-)

second lesson learned - i need new lava rock things for my gas grill.  the flame is out of control...i think the lava rocks would calm that down.

third lesson learned - grilling is fun & generally easy.

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