Friday, March 23, 2007

coaching with technology

this year my coaching experience is enhanced with technology - a few of my girls have my IM, so they ping me about practice and scheduling...i have almost every cell phone number (of course they each have a nicer cell phone than i), and they're chronic texters...especially my captains, which makes it easy for me to communicate with the team.

at tourneys i'm often stuck reffing with half of my team on the court, the other half i just text someone that's outside if i need to tell them something.  it's quite convenient.

of course, there are complications - at the last tourney, the cryer that was upset by a friend had received a mean last night i told the girls they don't get to use their cell phones during the tournament unless it's mom, dad, or someone giving them a ride.  no friend texts/calls.  they're freaked out.  luckily, i have 3 other coaches with me on sunday, so they'll help me keep the girls in line.

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