Friday, March 9, 2007

peeps are good!

i just watched World Trade Center.  though i wasn't directly impacted by 9/11, i didn't think i wanted to watch the movie when it came out.  i heard they did a pretty good job movie-fying the event, but i couldn't decide how i felt about it, so i skipped out...

but tonite i watched it.  it's alright.  what caught me a little off guard was that i didn't cry over the event, the injuries, the death...i cried when i saw everyone working together to save lives.  it's so good to see that people can actually pull together, put aside differences and make the world a better place...sad that it sometimes takes a tragedy, but hopefully we learn something from it.

as someone wise & famous once said...why can't we just all get along? 

that may be my new life motto.

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