Wednesday, March 7, 2007

old dogs can learn new tricks

murray is really close to being the perfect running partner.  he's figured out he only gets to stop once to pee, and he can time his smelling stops just about right - he runs 8 feet ahead of me and sniffs until i'm 8 feet ahead of him (length of his leash is 8 feet).  he's much better about leaving himself some slack in the leash so he's not always choking.  i'm impressed with his skilz.

 today he displayed an unfortunate trick, however...he can poo while running.  you see, in the past couple months he's tried several times to stop and poo while we were running.  i don't carry  baggies, so i don't let it happen...i pull and he squeezes his cheeks until it goes away and then waits until we get home.  i have to laugh, but today he just poo'ed without sniffing, no stopping, no nothing...he just poo'ed while running.  unreal.

i guess i'll start carrying poo baggies.  what a bummer for me. 

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