Monday, March 26, 2007

my poor pinky

thursday, march 1 - blocked some chick's hit at volleyball and caught it with my left pinky...yelped in pain, but figured it was just a jam.  i played with it throughout the night, trying to unjam it, iced it later on, and figured i'd eventually get over it...

friday, march 2 - wrapped it up until 3:30, when i decided to look at it.  swollen, black & blue and crooked.  after consulting with a few coworkers, i made an appt to get it checked out.  at 4:50, my doctor said it was jammed, mocked me by asking if she should tape it or if i could handle it, and sent me on my way.

that next week - went between taping it and wearing a splint, as my pinky still hurt like heck.  typing was extremely difficult, but i was getting used to it.

tuesday, march 13 - emailed my doctor to say i was still in pain, wondering if we should do something about it.  she sent a referral to xray so i could get that done.

wednesday, march 14 - finally got ahold of xray to get an appointment, and they kindly said i could just drop in for an xray - no appointment needed.  (kaiser's phone system sucks)

tuesday, march 20 - kaiser called to set up an appointment in triage, as it was urgent.  they could get me in tuesday, march 27 at 3:00.  i took the appointment, and when i asked what it was for, they said it was with plastic surgery to discuss my options.

thursday, march 22 - was called in for additional xrays.

tuesday, march 27 - i'm going in to "discuss my options."  if they want to rebreak it to reset it, should i let 'em?  it's just a pinky...but...

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