Saturday, November 18, 2006

the Chicks still rock

'twas a fun show. the Chicks just have some great music and are wicked talented. i love that they play their own instruments...and have great personalities...and have lyrics that hit home...and put on a fun show. i don't really agree with all the Bush-bashing, but there's that whole freedom of speech thing we've got going on in this country. i'm not sayin' i like Bush...i don't know enough about politics to talk about it...but he is our president. anyway, the Chicks still rock.

lessons learned about concerts:
- BART takes freaking forever,'s worth scheduling out to make sure you don't miss the opening act (when it's a great opener like Bob Schneider)
- payin' for better seats is totally worth it (some obnoxious talkers sat behind eventually we stood up " didn't care if they couldn't about revenge)
- smaller venues are better
- wear comfy shoes for stand-up and listen shows

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