Friday, November 24, 2006

great turkey meal

slb " i cooked up quite the impressive meal yesterday for ashley " her family. they've been hit by many health issues, so it was the least we could do. me " my bright ideas, i tell ya. good thing i can count on others to help me pull through on them. slb did an awesome job planning it all out, and i pitched in where i could. we had enough food to serve twice as many people...always a good thing.

also, when i was at the grocery store picking up a couple things, i caught myself thinking about the others i saw...i hoped they weren't alone on this holiday. then i realized i'm kinda/sorta alone...i mean, i'm without family or sigother. but i don't feel that way at all...i feel like i've got awesome, awesome friends " am not even close to being alone. cool realization. it seems the holidays are a time people can feel alone...and i'm not anywhere near lonely. awesome.

i'm thankful for my entire freaking life. and the people in it. woot! woot!
(of course, it woulda been great to be with my family in MN, but Christmas is coming)

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