Monday, November 13, 2006

notes from Kristie’s life:

- tryouts for my 13s team went awesome " i have 9 out of the 13 i wanted already committed. that rules. i just need 2-3 more, and i'm set. i always forget how stressful tryout time is, as once i pick my team from the many that show up, i have to call and tell them all the wonderful reasons they should play for me. you see, they try out for several teams " pick the one that's best for them. anyway, i was quite distracted at dinner last night 'cause i was thinking about my team " i feel bad for putting my friends through that. oh, well.

- i golfed 27 holes over the weekend " now consider myself a doublebogey golfer. i am pleased.

- softball was cancelled tonite because of a few sprinkles. it's my first winter season, so i wasn't sure what to MN, we'd still be playing tonite. wow.

- my little bro's life is going better

- Dixie Chicks are in town on Friday " i'm superexcited!!!!!!!!!

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