Wednesday, November 15, 2006

parental reading material

tonite my parents busted me out on this blog.
apparently my older bro has been reading up on my life and gave the heads up to my parents that it exists. at first, i was taken aback. the conversation went like this:
dad, "i've been reading up on your blog..."
me, trying to ignore the comment, "yeah, blah, blah, blah"
dad, "kenny pointed it out to us...something about a"
me, "wow...i'm not sure that's parent reading material...uh...uh...well, i guess i have nothing to hide."
dad, "well, it's on the internet."
mom, "is that safe?"
me, "yeah, i guess it's public...and my name's in many more spots than's all over and someone could easily find me if they wanted to..."

and so it is. mom " dad read a bunch of my blog today. my bro's been reading it.
ya know what? now that the shock's over, it's totally cool. i'm super tight with my family " don't think much of this will be a shocker. granted, some of it might be...but we can talk about it.

love you, mom, dad, bro " family! :-)

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