Saturday, November 25, 2006

go get ‘em…*growl*

today marks six months of a date-free life.
it's weird...for so long i've just had it in my head that i'm not dating 'cause i set this timeline for myself. it feels a bit like forever. and suddenly, i don't have the "i'm not dating for six months" excuse. there was power in was an instant "out." but now i'm just not dating...

i've grown a lot in six months. i've become more comfortable with myself. i like who i am now, knowing i'm getting better with time " will continue working on certain areas of my life. my Faith has become more evident...and more on the forefront of my thinking, which was one of the main reasons for not dating - boys tend to distract me from God. and God deserves more than that.

i still have my teenybopper crushes, but i don't feel i need to be dating. i'm pretty dang comfortable with being a singleton. of course, i won't complain if some amazing man walks into my life tomorrow...

i had to title this entry "go get 'em..." because the other night i told my school friends about my not dating for six months and cj immediately responded with this..."go get 'em...*growl*" hilarious.

oh, was kristie " God celebrate the six months...and it was good. i need to do it more often...the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the ocean, La Paloma, bakin' cookies, dyin' hair...good stuff.

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