Tuesday, November 21, 2006

a recommended author

Anne Lamott - i love her stuff. i've only read three of her books, but highly recommend 'em. she provides a real, honest, witty perspective on the lives we live.

The 3 I read:
Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, 1999 (nonfiction)
Blue Shoe, 2002
Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith, 2005

I found this on her:
Lamott describes herself as a left-wing hippy. Her pale skin and dreadlocks seem to contradict one another, as does her foul mouth and her desire to raise a clean-talking, church-attending son. In short, Lamott is like so many of us, but she lives out loud on paper. She helps us see that we're not alone, no matter how screwed up we might feel. Her books are written in such a non-nonsense conversational style, it's as if she's sitting right next to the reader, talking up a storm. She takes her chaotic life and makes some sense out of it, through her undeniably affective writing talent.

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