Sunday, November 26, 2006

thank goodness for friends

first of all, quite a few people asked me about Thanksgiving this morning...generally to see if i was with family. granted, i had an awesome Thanksgiving, but it did sting a little that i didn't get to be with my family. but the sting was little because i do have some awesome friends out here " was able to spend time with a few. and cooking with slb was fabulous.

now i've got a school friend helping me with my stats project. i'm clueless...i've spent a few hours on it, and i'm still clueless. he's cool enough to help me out. i'm really glad i've gotten more social at school 'cause accounting was nasty when i suffered through it alone. i'm not sure how i did it, to be honest. school friends have been helpin' me through both finance " stats this semester. let's just hope i can repay the favor when a management or HR-y class comes along.

i'm very thankful for the awesome friends in my life.

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