Tuesday, November 21, 2006

more thoughts on peeps readin’ my blog…

my life is pretty dang public...most of it is posted here. this fact is a bit freaky, yet, i think it's super cool that i get to share my thoughts on life (kinda like anne lamott, but she's way better at it - and i'm ok with that).

the other day i blogged about my family finding my blog " i used the word "shocking." that was definitely the wrong word to use. relatively speaking, my life is pretty tame...and i honestly don't hide anything, anyway. i'm still trying to figure out why it freaked me out a bit...maybe i just like to think i'm a rebel. :-)

one of the biggest downsides to posting almost everything on my blog is that people already know about something i've experienced or thought about before i get to talk to them. it steals my thunder! last nite i called home and mom " dad already knew about almost everything i brought up.

oh, well...the blogging continues...and everyone who wants to, gets to read it!

(thanks for the comment, big bro. i'm so thankful for my awesome, incredible family.)

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