Tuesday, November 7, 2006

thoughts on the weekend

- the grazier girls " MB rule...and my lifetime tasting pass at St Supery is awesome, too
- Zachary's in Berkeley is the best pizza in the world...or, at least, in the US (according to AOL)
- the stupid vikings are annoying...and stupid...and there was a LOT of purple at the game on sunday. i was not alone. my favorite guy said, "aw, sweetie, you're too pretty to pick on for wearing purple"
- my new dream job is to be the person who raises the net behind the goal post when field goals are kicked
- an afternoon sleeping on the beach is amazing. and the ocean has an effect on people...we ladies were very, very chatty until we got to the ocean. then we were all kinda awestruck. it's cool.
- work is better after a great weekend away

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